Let us help you reach your audience.

With decades of experience,
our advertising managers
and design experts will take the work out of
creating custom ads so you can get the results
you want, at a rate you'll love. 

Contact your newspaper or call 1-800-658-3485 and ask for 
the Advertising Department. Or email us at sarah@nordaknorth.com.

Community Newspapers

McLean County Independent
The Leader-News
Central McLean News-Journal,

Inch Rates 

Weekly Total 0 to 9 -- $7.75
Weekly Total 10 to 15 -- $7.50
Weekly Total 16 to 29 -- $7.25
Weekly total 30 to 60 -- $6.90
Weekly Total 61 and up --  $6.70

Colored streamer (5 column x 1 inch ad at the bottom of Page 1) -- $80.00

Classified Display -- $9.50 an inch

Classified Word Ad -- $8.00 for first 20 words
25 cents for each additional word, additional weeks or papers, half price of original ad.

Free classifieds for items priced $500 or less are available under Farm Related,
Household, Livestock, Pets, Vehicles and Recreational Categories. Ad must not
exceed 20 words and will run for one week in the publications of your choice.

Discounts are available for multi-paper advertising.
Business directories and other advertising packages available through each newspaper.

Advertising Deadline: 10 a.m. Monday for Thursday publication. 


Shopper Publication (XTRA)

$7.75 per inch for one shopper or $11.90 for both shoppers

Front page of XTRA is $350 with one additional color.
 First come, first serve.

Advertising deadline is 9 a.m. Thursday for Monday dateline.