Sakakawea Country

The state tourism department says Sakakawea Country is the most popular publication for potential tourists. Tourism will be passing out thousands of Sakakawea Countries at sport and travel shows in Davenport, Kansas City, Omaha, Milwaukee and Minneapolis. The Tourism Department's outdoor promotions manager, Mike Jensen, said, “I love how the new magazines look, seem to catch everyone's eye at the show and it was the most popular partner piece we gave out."

We’re especially proud of this year’s publication – a captivating cover, outstanding information and advertisements and a special section on hunting and fishing in the region. Sakakawea Country remains the best source to draw people to the area.

Most importantly, we hope this is a publication that brings you customers. Every year we have advertisers tell us that many of their customers were a direct result of Sakakawea Country.

It's a great way for travelers to learn specific information about the area through searches, general information and a map of locations. For information, contact your local advertising representative or NorDak North Publications at 1-800-658-3485 or 701-463-2201.