Make your ads go further with
All-Access Advertising

What is it? NorDak North Publications are launching All-Access advertising, where advertisers can pay a small upcharge to get any print ad placed on the NorDak North Publications website.

Where do ads appear? Advertisers choose between having their ad on the home page of an individual newspaper, the home page of the main NorDak North Publications site or on every home page on the site. Ads will be at the top of the page, to the right of news stories and photos.

What size ads can be uploaded online? Any print ad can be put on the website. Each ad will have a pop-out display where they can been viewed in a larger size.

Why should you be online? Over 3,000 users visit each month, with over 600 new viewers visiting the site each week. Online ads offer the opportunity to reach new customers nd make an additional connection with print subscribers or those viewing the E-edition.

Fast Facts about
Roughly 3,500 users and 7,000 sessions per month
An average of 650 new users in one week
Roughly 600 e-edition views per week -- and growing.
65-70 percent of users are new users, with 30-35 percent being return visitors.

All-Access Advertising rates:

Individual newspaper home: $5 per week

NorDak North home page: $7 per week

All home pages: $10 per week


Contact your advertising representative for details or