Online Subscriptions

If you would like to RENEW your existing online subscription, click here.

If you are considering an online edition and you'd like to try it, here is a publication to sample.

Access to the online issue of any newspaper is $35 per year, or $3 with a print subscription to that paper.

If you want to move from a print subscription to an online subscription or from an online subscription to a print subsription, call your local newspaper office to make arrangements.

Once your subscription is paid, click on Online issue on the left menu bar on your newspaper's home page. You'll gain access to the page that lists current and previous newspaper issues.


About your online subscription: 

Your newspaper will not be emailed to you. The newspapers will be online by Wednesday noon. You can then go online and download your newspaper.

You will be able to view the entire newspaper. Advertising supplements will not be included.

You will need Acrobat Reader or a program that allows you to view PDFs to download the newspaper. 

Computers with faster processors (Cable, DSL or T1) work best. It is a good idea to delete .tmp files occasionally to keep your computer running at optimum performance.

The online edition can be accessed from a tablet and other devices that allow you to view a PDF or have apps to allow you to read a PDF. The large pages are slightly more difficult to view on a cell phone.

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